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To avid short circuits when replacing the batteries, always first remove the connector from the minus pole of the battery connected to the robot. Consequently, always reconnect this pole last.

The batteries must be recharged in a well-ventilated area free of flammable materials.

Keep the batteries' tops clean.

Standard type

The batteries included with the robot are 2 standard 12 V lead acid leisure batteries with 115 Ah capacity. We use “Yuasa L35-115” (part no. 901108). If replaced, it's important that the batteries have the correct size and weight. Are the batteries bigger they will not fit. If they are lighter there is a risk that the robot will overturn due to the too low weight.

Weight: 26 kg
Length: 350 mm
Width: 175 mm
Height: 220 mm

Link: Exploded view of the battery assembly.

AGM type

Optionally the robot can be equipped with AGM type batteries (part no, 909244). Compared with the standard type batteries th run time increases significantly with the AGM batteries. In addition to that, AGM batteries are more durable and have a longer life span compared to the standard batteries.


The charger included is a 24 V 12 A charger which plugs directly into the robot. It is available in both a 230 VAC version and a 115 VAC version.


1. When charging the batteries, the robot must be switched off. The batteries cannot be charged when the robot is on. .

2. The charger must be connected to the robot first. .

3. Then connect to the wall outlet. .

4. When the charger is connected to the wall outlet only the orange status light should be turned on. See the charger manual for details.

The robot shall always be connected to the charger when not used, in order to prolong battery life. Do not let the robot stay with low charge level for any prolonged time as this damages the batteries and shortens battery lifespan. Continued use after battery low warnings will also damage the batteries.

If the robot has warned for low battery, charge it for at least the same amount of time that it has previously been washing before using it again.