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Programming support

Here you can find different instructions that will help you understand the various parts which will make you a better programmer. If you become a better programmer, you will have better programs that runs more efficient but also with better results.

These instructions is a base to learn from and have as reminders after we had our training together with you. Feel free to print any of these instructions (Ctrl+P via computer).

Basics - Explaining different concepts

These instructions will tell you what we mean with different terms such as Location, Program, Recipe, Markers etc. Good information to be able to understand the EVO Cleaner.

How to press on the screen - Step by step

This instruction show you exactly how to press on the screen. It will guide you through all steps you need to create location, program and recipe. It will also guide you on how to start up your wash. Perfect for new users and also a good reminder for the more experienced.

Joystick - How to move the robot

A guide on how to move the various functions on the robot.

Programming - How to move the robot

These guides will teach you how to program the EVO Cleaner in the most economic and efficient way. If you read the chapter Program in the Basics - Explaining different concepts you will see that we mainly want to use two seperated programs to clean a pen. One program for the floor and one program for the walls.

All stables looks different. The illustrations in the instructions could look different from your stable. But it's the same principles on how to move the robot in all types of pig-pens. You can adapt these principles and washing patterns that we teach you to your specific pig-pen types.

How to start a wash

This instruction shows you step by step on how to press on the screen, and what to have in mind when starting up the EVO Cleaner for a wash. This instruction is perfect for employees that have to start up the robot but doesn't have to learn about the programming.


Virtual markers - Extra feature

Virtual markers is a way for you to use less markers in you aisle. The robot measure up its own markers (also known as virtual markers) between the physical markers based on the distances you have placed the physical markers at. Read the instruction for more information.