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Robot stuck too many times

This is a hard alarm.


A motor has stuck once, i.e. no significant movement has been detected for a couple of seconds when a motor was expected to move.


This alarm is always shown together with an alarm for the specific function (boom, tower, wheels, telescope, arm or nozzle). Some general guidelines are outlined below. More detailed troubleshooting guidelines are given in the corresponding sections for each specific function.

  • Check that the corresponding motor is working
  • Check that moving parts are not damaged
  • Check that the robot has not run into anything. Keep in mind that the function that has set of the alarm does not necessarily need to be the function causing the trouble originally.
    • Check that the margins to the surroundings are sufficient
    • Check that the parking positions are correct
    • Check that the functions are initialized properly
    • Check that the zero position sensors are working