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To keep the robot working in its best condition, some daily maintenance and check-up is necessary. For example, cleaning the robot before putting it on charge will keep mice out of the robot and prevent alarms in the oncoming washing period. Below you will find a list of things to check to make the robot perform at its best.

Before every wash:

  • Check for water leakage.
  • Check side wheels for not being empty of air.
  • Check that hose is evenly distributed on reel.

After every wash:

  • Rinse the robot directly after it has finished washing, it will be easier because the dirt has not yet dried to the robot. Clean the robot on both inside, outside and rinse the boom with telescope driven fully out. Clean robots perform better. Remember to not use high pressure when cleaning the robot.
  • If you use disinfectant on the robot, make sure to rinse it off according to instructions on the container. Long time exposure can damage surfaces.
  • Put on charge, the batteries will be drained after washing many hours. Batteries will have a longer life span if keeping them charged as much as possible. Keep the charging connector clean.
  • Keep hood open when storing the robot. This will have mice for not being inside of the robot and will keep cables from being chewed on.

Every third month:

  • Take side covers off the telescope and rinse the complete telescope. Dried dirt inside telescope will increase alarms, so rinse inside as much as you can. Use soap to get the extra grease layer off.

Every sixth month:

  • Check the working hours of the robot. We recommend changing the sliding plates after 600 hour of washing, to keep telescope running smooth.

Once a year:

  • Contact your nearest service partner if interested in a yearly maintenance. A trained technician will change a set of common wear parts and do a check-up of the robot. We recommend doing this once a year to prevent unnecessary breakdowns and fix issues before parts break.