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High-pressure washer

The robot must be connected to an external high-pressure washer in order to wash.

What kind of high-pressure washer fits the EVO Cleaner best?

The robot is delivered with, and shall be used with, a turbo-nozzle, working with a flow of 16 litres/minute at a pressure of 180 to 220 bars. This flow is less then most operators use when they are washing today but the whole idea about using a robot is that time is not so important anymore. Best result with the robot is achieved when it’s allowed to clean the same space several times.

  • The robot can wash up to 40 hours non-stop.*
  • Soaking and washing is normally done with the robot.
  • Water-consumption is less than 1 m3/hour.
    *Depending on how demanding and efficient the programs are.

What kind of high-pressure washer?

A high-pressure washer with too big pump will by-pass the extra water or in worst case constantly start and stop. The incoming water is never completely clean and this by-pass causes a big wear on pump and valves. Too small pump and you will not get the pressure required.

Required specifications for the high-pressure washer:

  • Water pressure: 180 – 220 bar
  • Flow about 16-18 litres/min (1000 L/hour), higher flow is only a cost
  • High quality, it’s going to work long hours
  • Automatic start/stop function
  • Controlled with pressure switch. (there are also pumps controlled by a flow-switch. That, however, sometimes gives problems starting the pump since it’s depending on the water pressure on the farm which mostly goes up and down)

Examples to buy:

  • KÄRCHER HD 10/25-4 S
  • RENO 195/18 with pressure switch
  • RENO 220/18 with pressure switch

Remember to use a water filter with the incoming water to the high-pressure washer (filter placed before the high-pressure washer). Water isn't always clean and the particles make wear on the high-pressure washer and the nozzle.

We recommend that you buy your high-pressure washer from the local dealer who can give you the best service.