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Hose grows on the reel / Loose hose

Even if the hose reel motor and hose spreader works there can be reasons why the hose is loose on the reel, also called “grows on the reel”. If this happens there is a risk for the hose to get stuck.



1. Robot standing still with multiple (two or more) water on/off

  • When the water valve opens the high-pressure washer starts and the hose is pressurized. The hose diameter increases and the total length of the hose shortens when the hose is pressurized. If there is multiple water on/off while the robot is standing still (or minimal movements between the switches) the hose will shorten and lengthen. This could make the reel rotate and hose been pulled out, which leads to “ the hose grows on reel”.

    The hose does normally only move when the robot moves forward or backwards. This is why we don't want multiple water on/off when the robot is standing still.


  • Make sure the high-pressure washer runs as planned. Having a high-pressure washer that starts, stops and starts during an automatic wash could lead to loose hose on the reel.
    • Check that there is no leakage in the hose or pipes.
    • Low pressure on the farm when high-pressure washer uses flow switch (feeder system, showers etc taking water)
  • Make sure that the program itself doesn't have multiple water on/off while the robot stands still.
    • Make new program if must

2. Hose spreader angle isn't centered or hose spreader not working

If the hose spreader lay too much hose on one side it will be a “thick” layer of hose. This could make the hose grow and slip over the edge of the reel. It could also make the hose eventually to drop down to a lower point on the reel, also leading to loose hose on the reel.


3. Hose is not fixated

If the reeled out hose is not fixated in the far end, for example if a hose extension is used, vibrations from the pressure cleaner can cause the hose to reel in slowly.


Make sure the hose is fixated at the start of the aisle.