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Operators panel/display

The operators panel is the interface between the operator and the robot (together with the joystick). The interface is structured in several screens. The touchscreen is resistive so it works with gloves on. Care for keeping the screen free from dirt, especially when the lid goes down.

On all screens there is a question mark which when pressed will display helpful information about the current screen.

For detailed information about programming the robot click here

Link: Exploded view of the operator panel assembly.

Backup battery

There is a backup battery in the operators panel that retains some settings while the robot is powered off. It is charged while the robot is powered on and discharges a little every time the robot is turned off. It can retain the settings for up to a year, assuming normal use.

The settings that are retained are: homing, parking positions, clock settings and notification settings.

Storage of programs, locations and recipes does not rely on this battery.


The manufacturer of the operators panel supply firmware for low level control of its electronics. For example bug fixes or enhanced functionality can call for an updated firmware.