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Heavy wear on hoses


Wear on EVO Cleaner's hose differs very little from the wear you have on the hose when you wash manually. Since the robot lays out hose from the hose reel and does not drag it on the floor or around corners, it actually happens that the wear is somewhat less when washing with our robot.

  • Vibrations generates from the high-pressure washer.
  • Since the floor is often rough sanded, the hose wears out a lot by the vibrations. It will be even worse if you pull the hose around a corner. Door opening for example.


  • If possible, place the high-pressure washer at the door opening.
  • If you must have the hose around corners we recommend to use an external hose to prevent wear on the robots hose. However, if you use an external hose, make sure it is fixated at the start of the aisle. It is very important that the external hose can't be pulled in by the hose reel motor. That will lead to an Hose reel stuck -alarm.
  • If the outer casing of the hose wears out so that you have holes in the steel reinforcement, it will start to rust and will eventually rupture. If you see damage in the casing, tape so you delay the corrosion.
  • It is important to have a high-pressure washer in a good condition. If a 4-cylinder pump only pumps with 3 cylinders, the vibrations will be greater. You also get a pressure drop and a poorer washing result. Have service on your high-pressure washer every 500 hours is a good advice in order to have a healthy high-pressure washer.
  • A good investment is also an accumulator immediately after the high-pressure outlet on the high-pressure washer. This will lower the vibrations in the hose. Available for purchase from us and it also includes a relief valve to relieve pressure when disconnecting the hose from the high-pressure washer.