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Problem with motor


Motor issues can arise from a number of reasons:

  • Damaged cables leading to circuit breaks or short circuits
  • Damaged connectors or water ingress in connectors
  • Bad connection in connectors
  • Damaged gears
  • Overheated motor


Always troubleshoot the motor from the Manual screen. Run it at least 5 seconds in each direction. Press the ā€œiā€ button for a detailed view. If the robot gives an alarm, check the troubleshooting guide for that specific alarm.

  • Does the position counter change? If not, check the pulse signal and power cables.
  • Does the function move physically? If not:
    • Does any sound come from the motor? If it does, the function could be physically stuck or the gear can be damaged. No sound? Check cables
    • Does the motor draw any current? If not, check the cables.
  • Check that the emergency stop button is not pressed down
  • Spray connectors with 5-56 or WD-40
  • If you have access to a spare motor you can connect it temporarily to the connector in order to troubleshoot the function. Remember to ground it properly, e.g. by holding a motor metal part against robot chassie