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Water valve cleaning

This instruction will guide you on how to clean/rinse the water valve.

The reason why it’s not possible to turn water off is always caused by dirt in the valve. Always use a water filter on the incoming water by the high-pressure washer to avoid dirt in the valve.

Link: Exploded view of the water valve.

1. Locate the water valve on the right hand side of the robot (seen from behind), under the joystick connector.


2. Unscrew the grey plastic side on the robot to get access to the 10mm hexagon screw.

. 20210406_063627628_ios.jpg

3. Dismount the 10mm hexagon screw like the picture below, and pull the plunge out.

4. Pull a straw from a steel-brush (or similar) and push it into the small hole in the center of the plunge until you can see the straw in the other hole shown in the picture below.


5. Rinse with water or blow with compressed air.

6. Reinstall in reversed order.

  • Make sure the magnetich coil is dry when installed
  • Make sure that the coil makes a click sound when mounted (press downwards).

7. Check and clean the small filter installed between the speed-connector and the hose (at the end of the hose). We also recommend to install a low-pressure filter before the high-pressure cleaner.