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Robot looses positioning, homing or clock


Lost position

If the robot does not position correctly during washing it could be due to a number of reasons:

  • Lost positions between restarts
  • Moved or faulty zero position sensors
  • Setting boom zero position not in bottom (ie. accidentally set zero position when it is stuck)

Lost positions will show when robot parks incorrectly between washing programs or when it does not wash where it should. Read more about possible explanations for incorrect positioning here.

Lost homing

If the homing is lost the robot will show an alarm (Homing needed) when trying to start an automatic wash. It will also show as red circles on the detailed manual screen. If your EVO Cleaner needs a new homing, see this Homing instruction.

Lost homing can also mean lost parking positions, which will show when robot parks incorrectly between washing programs.

Lost clock

The clock is seen in the top right corner on the start screen. Date is seen on the Settings screen. A lost clock sets the date and time to 1996-01-01 00:00.


  • Redo the initialization
  • Check that battery connectors are firmly attached, ie. no loose contact, and that the cables are not damaged. A panel that is restarted very frequently can loose positions.
  • Check for damaged panel, especially for holes in the overlay and cracks in the housing. Water ingress can lead to lost data.
  • Always make sure the robot is turned off before replacing batteries
  • Contact Service in order to check stored parking positions
  • Contact Service in order to check operators panel's backup battery status