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Robot positions incorrectly


If the robot does not position correctly during washing it could be due to a number of reasons:

  • Memory lost after restart
  • Moved or faulty zero position sensors
  • Faulty magnetic switch
  • Setting boom zero position not in bottom (ie. accidentally set zero position when it is stuck)
  • Wheels slipping, markers incorrectly mounted etc. making the wheels position incorrectly
  • Guidance wheels have too big obstacles to climb in the aisle.
  • Insufficient margins during programming so the robot run in to things in boxes which the program was not created in
  • Incorrectly fastened nozzle coupling
  • Tower or arm friction clutch released

Lost positions will show when robot parks incorrectly between washing programs or when it does not wash where expected.


  • Redo the homing
  • Contact service and check parking positions
  • Check tower parking position
  • Check arm and nozzle parking positions
  • Check function of zero position sensors for tower, telescope, arm and nozzle at Manual screen. The black dot should be visible when the position is zero.
  • Check function of magnetic switch. The blue dot should be visible on the Start screen when a magnet is present.
  • Follow the robot when it moves along the aisle to make sure the wheels do not slip or get caught on for example hinges